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Below you will find the answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have individual questions, please contact us.

Remember we have specialists who will help you and explain everything in your language if necessary.

CSCS card / HS&E Test

How do I obtain my blue/gold CSCS card?

To obtain your CSCS card you will need two things: 1. an NVQ for the trade you are doing and 2. to have passed the relevant CITB Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) test within the last 2 years. We can help you obtain your NVQ but you have to pass your HS&E test at another centre. We recommend that you do it at a Pearson Vue Centre.

Is the Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) test difficult? How can I prepare?

The HS&E is a 45 minutes test with 50 multiple choice questions. You have to have 45 correct to pass. The test costs £21. The test is not difficult if you practice for it.

We will show you the app you need to upload for practicing. It costs £5.99. It has all the questions for the test and it also allows you to do mock tests. It is not a problem to fail the test, it just means you have to pay £21 and do the test again. For HS&E operative test you can have voice over in number of languages (e.g. Russian, Romanian, Polish, Bulgarian, Czech, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Punjabi, Welsh)

What is the relevant HS&E Test to obtain my CSCS card?

You can go to CSCS website and see different tests https://www.cscs.uk.com/applying-for-cards/health-and-safety-test/ . For further information about exactly which test you need contact us and we will explain it to you.

Do I need to pass CITB test before I apply for my NVQ?

No, it does not matter which you do first but you will need both of them to apply for your CSCS card. NB If you have completed the relevant HS&E Test within 2 years of applying for your new card, you don’t have to do it again.

NVQ – cost & time

How long it will take me to get NVQ?

Level 2 assessment normally takes around 4 – 6 weeks.

What is the cost of getting NVQ qualification?

Depends on the level, however we are very competitive, starting from 550£.

When and how can I pay?

During registration you should pay initial 50% of the fee, and the rest just after successful assessment. You can pay by bank transfer or in cash in our office.

Does an NVQ expire? Is it valid for a certain time?

No, they do not expire. Once you have completed your NVQ, it lasts for your lifetime.

Registration for NVQ

Should I come to your office to register?

You should come to the office for the initial induction and to sign the registration documents, however if you are too busy or too far away we can visit you at the site after receiving 50% of the fee.

What information/documents should I provide before registration?

We need your 1. Name, 2. Date of birth, 3. Address with postcode, 4. Telephone number, 5. E-mail, 6. Name of the company you work for, 7. Site address where you work with postcode, 8. Manager/supervisor’s name and his telephone number, 9. Copy of your ID and 10. Your photo.

Can I have more than one qualification?

Yes, it depends on how many different trades you are competent in.

Do I need to do level 1 before I do level 2?

No, you can do exactly the level you are working at providing you have been working in the job for at least 2 years.

Evidence & assessment

What evidence from my work should I send you?

Different level NVQs require different evidence, e.g. for a level 2 tradesman we will require 1. Copy of site induction, 2. Copy of drawings you are working to, 3. Copy of a works programme for your site, 4. Copy of the Rams register that you have signed, 5. Copy of a toolbox talk you have signed. The assessor can collect these from you during a site visit or you can e-mail/whatsapp them to us. For higher level NVQs we will email you the requirements.

Do you come to the site for assessment?

Yes, but we will need to know if we are going to require an induction on the site and what days /times they carry out the inductions.

What if I work only in the private house?

We understand that if you work in a private house it would be impossible to supply site documents. In this case we will do the assessment with direct observation, professional discussion and job related questions and photographs.


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